The Association for Professional Acupuncture (APA) is the Keystone State's professional organization for non-physician acupuncturists. 

We are organized to promote excellence and integrity in the professional practice of acupuncture and Oriental/East Asian medicine, thereby enhancing public health and well being; 

to protect and advance the profession of acupuncture and Oriental/East Asian medicine as a distinct field of medicine through the cultivation and promotion of fair practice standards;

to foster high quality education and a supportive network for practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental/East Asian medicine;

to expand the public understanding and access to acupuncture and Oriental/East Asian medicine.

Board Members:

President: Heather Shultz L.Ac.

Vice President: B.J. Putnam L.Ac.

Secretary: Jan Wilson L.Ac.

Treasurer: Linda Silva L.OM.

Pam Milask L.OM., Yanqun Zhong L.Ac.,  and Charles Illingworth L.Ac.



Education: B.J. Putnam

Finance: Linda Silva

Hospitality: Pam Milask

Legislative: Heather Shultz

Membership: Mary Ann Matta

Publicity: Heather Shultz

Fund Raising: Yanqun Zhong

All members are welcome to serve on a committee. If you are interested in participating more actively in our profession, please email us at apapenn@gmail.com.  The strength of our association depends on the generosity of our volunteers.

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